Young people of Fukushima: like Belarusians, we can revive our land

Submitted by Dmitry_Gorbachev on Fri, 07/27/2018 - 15:56

To get valuable experience of successful overcoming the consequences of The Chernobyl accident, and then adapt it in their homeland – this is the purpose of the visit of the delegation from the Fukushima Prefecture in the Gomel region.  More than 40 representatives of students came to the Gomel region for new knowledge. Each of them has its own vision of the problem and is ready to implement the project to solve it. The presentation of the projects was held in the Gomel state University named after F. Skaryna.

"We saw what the future holds for us on the example of your country," said Sonobe Yuto, a member of the delegation. - As well as you, we can revive our lands, develop agriculture and economy, live without fear and restrictions, raise children. The experience of Belarus is a powerful motivation for us, Japanese youth.

Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of F. Skorina state University Viktor Averin called the Belarusian-Japanese cooperation with the representatives of the younger generation an investment in the future. In his opinion, it is young people who are able to breathe new life into the region being restored:

- The guys brought their projects, author's programs of renovation of Fukushima Prefecture. They relate not only to the revival of a full life in the region, but also to the problems of overcoming distrust in the affected territories and the products that will be produced here.

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